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The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust receives many enquiries from people interested in moving to Gigha. In this case we would strongly recommend that you visit Gigha and spend some time getting to know the island and its people. If you like what you see and can envisage yourself living in our community, then get in touch with us.

In line with the Trust's development plan we hope to increase the population on the island and by doing so contribute to the development of the island. The Board will consider any business proposal, particularly if you have one or more of the main skills that we are hoping to attract to Gigha:

• Established businesses considering relocation and new businesses

• Time-Served Tradespeople: plumber, joiners, electricians, general builders / bricklayers etc.

• Professionals with skills which could be relevant to island needs

• Writers, musicians, poets, sculptors and artists with proven track records particularly with Celtic roots

Please note that the Board will consider any business proposal on its individual merit.

If you are seeking to bring a business to Gigha, contacting Business Gateway at Lochgilphead would also be advised.


The Trust has some housing which is advertised for let when properties become available. Before you can be considered for a home on Gigha you must be registered with Gigha Homehunt. Information and application forms can be had by contacting the Trust office, tel 01583 505390 or email office@gigha.co.uk.

In addition to Trust managed housing, Fyne Homes Housing Association have houses for rent from time to time. 

The Trust also has a number of plots of land available for sale for private build.


Pre-5 and Primary schoolchildren are well catered for with the superb Gigha Primary School, and older children go off to Campbeltown Grammar School or Tarbert Academy. Pupils travel daily, leaving on the early morning ferry and returning at approximately 5.00pm (until the early 1990s secondary school pupils had to board on the mainland from Monday until Friday).

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