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Community Housing Scotland (CHS) was commissioned by the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust to carry out a survey of housing and community needs. The purpose of this survey was to inform further operational and development plans, and to help establish if there is demand for future new housing and a community hub facility on Gigha.

Gigha survey results - there were 54 responses to the survey, representing 132 people. 91% said they permanently reside on Gigha. This is a high response and a good representation of the community’s views.

IGHT have now appointed Collective Architecture to work with the community to take forward plans for a new housing and hub development. The proposal includes 4 x 2-bedroom houses and a central community hub space.

2 of these houses will be designedfor the elderly, while the other 2 units will be designed for younger people on the island.

All 4 houses will be let at affordable housing rent levels and be economic for tenants tooccupy. This housing is addressing needs identified on the island, including helping olderresidents stay on the island and younger people be able to rent their first home andcontinue working on Gigha. 

The preferred site layout is available here


PLEASE NOTE - all designs and layouts have been produced by Collective Architecture and should not be reproduced.

Some pre-answered questions on the chosen layout:

1. How close will the houses be to the overhead lines? Will the lines detract from the front elevation of the houses? 

The houses will be 9m from the power lines to meet the technical requirements of Scottish Power. This relates to the maintenance / working on the power lines as opposed to any other issues.

2. Most of the houses don’t have a view over the water? 

All the living rooms and the master bedrooms of the elderly houses will have views across the water, one of the elderly houses will also have a corner view back towards the village.

The young adult housing will have views of the country side but also oblique views towards the water from their living rooms and one bedroom.

The young adults will also have a south facing kitchen / dining allowing sunlight to penetrate through out the home.

All the kitchen / dining spaces to all the homes will have a south / south west facing kitchen / dining space which can open out onto the communal garden area. This will be very multi generational and lead to integration.

3. Where will the hub parking be? Is it going to be right next to the housing / part of the same space? 

We intend to remodel the parking around the rear of the Craft Workshops. This area is a problem so we thought that we could help sort out some of the issues and at the same time get our parking where we would need it. There is also the option for a lot of parking next to the play area which can feed the Hub. We are going for two parking spaces for each of the houses.

4. Is an option to change the layout, keeping the same overall design but putting the hub along the overhead lines frontage?

We think having the Hub overlooking the ‘village green’ which already has the Hotel and Craft Units would create a really strong space and a good focus for the village / island. Placing the hub on the other side of the site may isolate it. We also thought that the housing which would go in it’s place would potentially have some privacy problems.


Please email any further feedback to jane@gigha.org.uk





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